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Your Life Doesn’t Have To Have Meaning, and That’s Okay

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Nhlanhla Mazibuko - Your Life Doesn't Have To Have Meaning, and That's Okay

Before I start talking about life, and the meaning of it. Have you ever considered the staggering scale of our cosmos? To put it in perspective, the mass of our Sun constitutes a whopping 99.8% of our solar system, while all eight planets together make up a mere 0.14%. It’s a vivid illustration of the vast difference in size.

Now, consider our Milky Way galaxy, home to an estimated 200 billion stars. That’s right, 200 billion Suns! But hold on – the cosmic grandeur doesn’t stop there. In the observable universe, the accepted range for the total number of galaxies varies from 100 billion to 200 billion. Some studies even propose an astronomical figure of up to two trillion galaxies.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? The sheer enormity of the cosmos is indeed mind-bending. If you need a moment to let it sink in, you’re not alone.

Contemplating the grandeur of the cosmos serves as a stark reminder of our insignificance. Our little blue planet is just a tiny blip, and you? Even more minuscule.

In the vastness of the cosmos and among the 8 billion souls on this blue marble, the notion of a grand purpose might seem quite trivial. Adopting this cosmic perspective suggests that perhaps you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. If that resonates with you, then I empathize.

Live your life unrestrained, find joy in freedom and self-humiliation, and laugh at yourself and the unpredictability of life. Allow life to guide you without fixating on some elusive grand purpose, because, truth be told, it might just not be there, and that’s perfectly okay.

Inspired by a YouTube video Do People Understand the Scale of the Universe?

Edited with the help of ChatGPT

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