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Why Trees Suck So Much

Trees are amazing for many things, balancing ecosystems, aesthetics, and the awesome summer shade.

But unfortunately, we can’t view them as our saviours anymore when it comes to removing the carbon in our atmosphere.

The problem is that if we want to remove the carbon that’s already in our atmosphere we would need the whole of Africa to be covered by trees.

And then we have to ensure that they don’t get cut down or worse burn and release that carbon back into the atmosphere.

Right now Europe is seeing record heatwaves meaning the urgency to remove the carbon from the atmosphere is ever increasing.

But sadly there are wildfires which means trees release the carbon they have been storing for decades making the situation worse.

Fewer trees to suck the carbon + carbon released by burned down trees = Mad Max movie.

So while trees are important, we need other alternatives for removing carbon from the atmosphere, something that takes less land space, and precious water and that can store the carbon permanently.

That solution is carbon capture & storage/utilization.

Corporations, governments and everyone else in between needs to be funding and working on carbon capture in order to avoid being Max Rockatansky.

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