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Why Even Write?

This is the fourth blog post I’m writing today. I saved the other three as drafts because I’m struggling to concentrate and write them in the high-quality standard I have set for myself.

So even though I am tired and don’t really feel like writing a blog post today, I’m doing it either way because I made a decision to be consistent in my actions.

I have chosen to be a person who writes consistently every weekday to share his thoughts and lessons rather than skip a day and make up for it by writing two posts tomorrow to cover for the lost day.

There isn’t a quota that must met at the end of the week or month, just a post a day.

I don’t want to go through my week knowing I have five posts waiting for me but rather enjoy the ritual of ending my day by writing.

Small actions done overtime, consistently yield better results than one big rushed action.

You don’t want to be setting running targets for the month, and then skipping days, feeling guilty you didn’t go out and being miserable the entire time just for the temporary pleasure of finally hitting that goal by the end of the month.

Rather just focus on running every day, whether it’s 2km, 10km or 5km, just run and let your daily runs be the source of your happiness and motivation, not a desirable outcome at the end of the tunnel that leaves you guilty & unhappy while chasing it and empty & thirsty for more after you’ve achieved it.

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