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Who’s Your GOAT?

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Comparing G.O.A.T’s(Greatest Of All Time) across sports doesn’t make much sense. Football, tennis, and Basketball are all different sports with different team setups and plays.

What we can do and is compare players in each sport. Messi vs Ronaldo, Michael Jordan vs Kobe & LeBron. those comparison make sense and true.

But there’s one comparison we can even make because it’s clear who the GOAT is, in American football, quarterback Tom Brady is easily the greatest of all time in the history of the sport.

We are lucky to witness such greatness and yesterday was no different. Brady has now won 7 titles, which is one more than any franchise ever. That’s like Michael Jordan winning more titles than the LA Lakers, those are insane numbers for one man.

Tom Brady is an inspiration and a legend of the game, let alone being one of the best athletes of all time.

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