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Where’s The Creativity? 打

I don’t think I’ll ever go vegan or vegetarian but with that said I do get concern our the world’s beef consumption.

Beef is great meat but it gives us health problems, it takes up too much water in it’s processing which is already scarce and is one of the biggest contributors to climate change.

Other meats like chicken don’t take up much land and water and I just love wings. But in the beef space is apparent that we need to lower our dependence on it.

So in the US that’s exactly what they doing, there are so many start-ups and individuals coming up with beef alternatives. Yes people always say why have a beef substitute if you don’t want beef.

The fact is beef is great plus there’s people like me, who don’t want to completely give up meat but also have concerns about it.

I wish South Africa had such great innovation in the food space as well. Or it’s maybe it is there, I just don’t know about it.

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