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What Breaks You Makes You Stronger

I remember in 2010 while watching a National Geography show named Fight Science. The interesting thing that I still remember is when they talked about Tiger Kungfu fighters.

There’s a technique Tiger Kungfu fighters use that’s called a Tiger claw and, it’s when you use your fingers to attack your opponent’s throat and rip out their trachea(pardon the graphic content).

In order for these fighters to master this skill, they have to strengthen their fingers which contain no muscles so they harden their fingertips.

This is done through striking hardened surfaces repeatedly with their fingertips. This breaks the finger bones a little at a time and, creates what’s called microfractures. The fractures are then repaired by cells called osteoblasts by adding calcium to the external layer of the bone, making them harder and denser over time. This also increases the pain threshold of the fingers.

I was fascinated by that at 19 as I am today. This phenomenon not only exists in Tiger Kungfu fighters but in life in general.

Things that often break us, end up making us stronger. Being told no by investors and VC breaks you but over time you get stronger and more resilient, which builds character and will power to keep going.

Even losing someone or suffering loss, though it might break us. From that experience, we piece ourselves back together with a little extra calcium that makes us stronger than before.

Embrace every loss and even when it breaks you, for it will make you stronger once you start to heal and break out of it.


Fight Science – Tiger Style Test Results

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