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One For the Ages: A Weaker Body But Stronger Mind

Growing up, or what some might call “adulting” sucks. Yes, this natural process of life comes with advantages and also some disadvantages.

Take a footballer, most hit peak physical form at around 25 years. While modern science has pushed the peak age for most players, at around 30 years things start becoming little harder to do and it’s downhill from there.

The running, training or playing a full season takes it’s toll on the body.

But the one thing that the player gains with age and time on the field is how to better read the game. You start to play the game with your mind and not so much with you stamina.

Anticipation and dictation of the game is build from the years of experience in the field for most players.

With age, we lose physical strength and stamina but for those who stay in trenches throughout their youthful years turn that into wisdom that allows you to read the game better and rely more on your mind than the body.

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