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Water – The Source of Life Keeping Me Up At Night

Before I even start with the post, Yes, this post on water is also about climate change.

Good, now we can begin.

For me, one of the scariest things that will for sure lead us into a Mad Max-type civilisation is the scarcity of water.

More and more regions and countries are running out of fresh water.

So far, to date, the main cause of what we know as ‘Environment Migrants’, people migrating because of the changing environment is because of water.

Not only are we seeing rivers and dams get smaller but groundwater is being depleted as well.

The situation is bad and we are in the first stages of a global water crisis.

This definitely keeps me up at night.

I know and acknowledge that not only is it important that we decrease our carbon emissions, and remove the carbon that’s in our atmosphere we also need solutions today that will help us fight the effects we already facing.

It might not be much but I do feel better in knowing that at Bucketnerds we are working on solutions that can help curb the water shortage crisis.

3D Model

Today’s 3D Model is actually a Lithium-Ion Cell but I thought I’d share the tank as well, which seems fitting for today’s topic.

View models here and download them here

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