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Views of You Are Dependent on the Outcome

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Well, first things first the blog is back and it’s not written by AI.

Today I was thinking about how people’s views of you are depended on the outcome of your hustle.

One outcome is failure, failure is not binary though, don’t always have a time stamp or specific KPIs tied to it.

So, this can be ultimately decided by factors outside our control or just not having the ability and grit to keep going.

The second outcome is success, this can also be interpreted in many ways and differs from person to person.

But the public’s definition of success is pretty much set in stone.

And with any of these outcomes, you’ll either become a failure who never had what it takes and thought you were special to be the first one to do/make it.

The second is when you succeed, according to the public’s standard and you’re viewed as the pioneer who stuck it out, kept trying for years and years and should be treated with the special treatment that you deserve.

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