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Ulysses And The Sirens

Ulysses and the sirens is an old tale about Ulysses or also know as Odysseus.

A respected warrior who is returning home, to the island of Ithaca, from the Trojan War.

As someone who always to do the right thing and listen to the gods. This particular time he heeds advice from the goddess Circe who warns him about the “Sirens.”

Two monsters, who pretend to be beautiful women with amazing voices, try to assure sailors, who pass their island, that they just want to entertain them with beautiful melodies.

What they really want, however, is to kill them.

The goddess, tells Ulysses to that his men must fill their ears with wax so they do not hear the Sirens’ beguiling songs.

After taking small pieces of wax to cover his man’s ears, but Ulysses still wants to hear that famous song and still survive. Circe has told him how to do it.

He orders his sailors to tie him firmly to the ship’s mast. When he is firmly tied, and his men have the beeswax in their ears, they row their ship alongside the island.

When he hears the song and it warms his heart, Ulysses then wants to plunge into the waves and swim to the island.

He strains against the bonds which hold him to the ship’s mast. He strains so hard that the bonds cut deeply into the flesh of his back and arms.

Nodding and scowling at his ear-plugged men, he urges them to free him. Expecting this reaction, the men row harder and harder with their oars.

To Odysseus, who is bewitched by the song, the Sirens look as beautiful as Helen of Troy. To his crew, made deaf with beeswax, the Sirens seem like hungry monsters with vicious, crooked claws.

The ship speeds forward and soon the song of the Sirens is an echo of an echo. Only then do the crew members stop rowing and unplug their ears.

To me the sirens have become the media, constantly singing and calling. There’s always one more interview to do that seems like the bigger and better one.

With all this media attention, it’s important though that even though I listen to the music, I am able to avoid the lure that could lead our death.

The number one goal is ending the year with a prototype and focus solely on that.

This story was taken from the website and Source: Awesome Stories

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