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Turning My Back On Money

One of my biggest mistakes was throwing away all my plans of raising money when K and his people told me to not raise and they’d fund the entire round.

The terms were good and the money seemed legit.

But after the first meeting and me a weekend later agreeing to it, things slowed down.

More information was needed, who’s on the team, come work here, help with this project, we’ll give you a salary and, and, and…

But then all those turned into more requests to change the deal and other stuff.

I quickly realized that the deal was never meant to be a seed-type deal but a mini-takeover and control deal.

While I still wanted to go for it because it wasn’t just about me, after praying about it my heart told me to stay away and move on.

Prayer always serves me well and after that things became apparent but that’s for later.

With their own legal troubles, I’m glad I got out, because who knows what I could’ve got entangled in.

I’m glad that though starving, I turned my back away from that money and focused on doing it my way, the right way.

Mazibuko Motors is not only my legacy but the legacy of every black kid out there. To let you know that you can build something great, something with a positive impact on the planet, and do it cleanly and right!

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