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To Be or Not To Be… A Parent?

Being a parent is no longer a straightforward decision like it used to be.

Over the past half, a century women have been able to choose whether to have kids and this has overall allowed the asking of the important, Do I Want Kids?

Studies have found that non-parents are happy when compare to parents but then when you ask parents if they are happy that they have kids they almost always answer yes.

So the happiness problem is due to the fact that being a parent increases anxiety, stress, and a financial burden.

I’m 30 and I don’t have kids yet, the general feeling is that it would be cool to have kids one day but then again my reasons for that are concrete and don’t push me to have kids.

And the troubling thing is that life that not give us much time to make that decision whether or not we should have kids.

So you have to decide fairly quickly and at a somewhat young if whether you’re going to completely change your life and have kids or not.

This post has been inspired by the Docu-Series on Youtube Glad You Asked by Vox titled Do I Want Kids?

Source: Parenthood and Happiness: Effects of Work-Family Reconciliation Policies in 22 OECD Countries

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