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Time Is One Sobering Mistress

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Time is the ultimate destroyer of dreams, it never hesitates to slap across the face with the sobering reality of your impending failure.

Above is a video of Formula 1 George Russell and him talking about his dream of being in the sport.

But with Time being the sobering mistress it is, his dream started to fade away…

This is the same with my experience as an entrepreneur, you start off excited and thinking you going to take over the world.

And then 100 and some VC & investor meetings you get hit by the sobering reality that maybe you won’t take over anything.

But you know what? Once you hit the dip, time keeps moving and it keeps unraveling its surprises.

If you are strong enough you’ll realize that after that sobering reality, is everything you’ve ever wanted waiting for you.

George Russell is now the driver for the best team in the sport for over a decade and me? Well, I’m gearing up to take over the world!

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