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Thought Experiment: Simulated Reality and the Simulator is You

Sometimes thought experiments are nothing more than something that keeps the conversation going in a pub between philosophers.

But sometimes they can actually help us view and experience our world in a different light.

And today’s one that I want to touch on, just to touch and not dwell in too much but I get lost in writing myself is one where you think of the entire universe you are in the right as simulated and you’re the one running the show.

Now, think of it as a sim game such as City Skylines, where you start by building a fully functional city, with individuals with their own stories and lives.

As you’re playing this game and building this world, you have the power to change, improve and even throw a meteor on the world you created.

Now imagine that after you’re done building your city, you enter as one of the residents in the game.

You go to school, then work in one of the industries or go to university, etc…

What if this life we living is exactly that, what if this thing we take so seriously and play safe is nothing but a simulation not created by a superior intelligent civilization but by you on your desktop.

Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to take more risks, create, and try to build a better reality and world from within.

3D Models

Fun 3D models are back, these are just practice models that I can’t use for work because of software licensing so I make them available for download online so that others can use them in their projects.

Here are some of the models from yesterday and today.


Models On GrabCad

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