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Those Who Make It to the Other Side Often Sound Crazy to the Rest of Us

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Over and over again we hear people who are wealthy tell us that money can’t buy us happiness and those who’ve achieved peace of mind telling us to slow down, meditate and strive for peace of mind, to face the noises inside our heads straight on instead of running away from it, to live in the present and not the past or future, to put down that bottle of alcohol we use to suppress the pain and hollowness we feel and be still.

When you going through a deep depression, fighting the loud voices in your head, going through heartbreak or just having money problems, it’s easy to think that all that advise is crazy. “How can they know what I’m going through? It’s easy for them to say money can’t buy me happiness because when they rich”

But the truth is, everyone goes through a dark period and you work your way to the light, the real truth. It sounds far fetched and crazy but it’s real. Be still, let your mind run wild and focus on inner peace not what money, status, temporarily shutting the loud voices in your head.

Applying a temporary solution to a permanent problem is never the answer.

Have a great blessed weekend everyone, I love you all.

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