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This Staff Matters

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Starting a company means dealing with a lot of moving parts.

It’s okay when you’re the sole employee and have control of everything.

Things just get really complicated once you start hiring staff.

It’s one of the biggest make-or-break moments in any young company. And for us with little experience and capital to pay and attract the right talent, you end up with some shocking results.

But one thing from my personal mishaps, the two most important things I learned is that…

  1. Shared common goal is important.
  2. Integrity can’t be bought and it’s eveything.

It’s very important to find people who share your goal and vision for the company and what it’s trying to accomplish.

And then integrity, you need people who won’t lie, steal or cheat. You need honest people you can trust to help you build and grow.

So, while this may not be a full guide for getting the right staff in your start-up. Those two points are definitely a great starting point.

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