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Thing About Self-love and the Interesting Acid Coke

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I don’ need to be reminded to love and choose myself because I always do.

Don’t we all put ourselves and our needs first?

We are constantly talking to ourselves and having deep conversations about our hopes and dreams.

And sometimes choosing yourself can lead you into making mistakes.

You can choose the wrong people, events, and experiences that end up not serving you well.

And that does not mean that you don’t love and choose yourself.

It means you’re human.

Acid Coke

Never really thought about this much and whether the carbonate in soda/soft drinks is acidic.

In South Africa, we grew up with our parents calling it acid and when it was flat, they would complain that the soda has no “acid”.

Interestingly enough 94% of soda is water but it does have a pH level of about 2.5 to 3.5 making it very acidic.

The burning feel of soda is caused by its acidity.

Some common knowledge is really awesome knowledge.

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