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The Thing About New Ideas

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Airbnb co-founder, Joe Gebbia had been turned down by a sales lady while trying to sell her his seat cushions CritBuns back in the mid-2000s

Within 30 seconds, he was turned down and was disappointed by the outcome.

But then he remembered something he had heard during an entrepreneur weekend in Brown University in one of the talks he snuck into.

What came to him was an equation for how to receive rejection when introducing a new idea into the world.

The equation is: SW² + WC = MO

Broken down, this means Some Will love your idea, Some Won’t + Who Cares = Move On.

This is really important to know and remember when bringing new ideas into the marketplace.

Not everyone will love or understand them, just move on until you find those who do.

Source: Joe Gebbia Interview | The Tim Ferriss Show

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