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The Surprise Rabbit Hole – Motivation Through Action

Well, this post is almost a giveaway with its motivation through action phrase. But before that, I want to talk about the surprise rabbit hole.

Starting a project is scary and yet also exciting, but generally venturing into something you know little or nothing about can be demoralizing.

When you enter into a new industry or field like learning how to code, you may find yourself hitting a number of roadblocks, facing problems that seem impossible to solve or concepts too hard to understand.

From personal experience, as a self-taught web and mobile app developer, I remember thinking I could never grasp the concepts and would forever struggle with them until one day I decided to just start, go down that rabbit hole and see what would happen.

Starting out, it was hard to find reliable sources of information, the best books, tutorials, and which direction to go. But the more I pushed forward, I got to find the best solutions, and tasks/projects that I thought I couldn’t do and would outsource, I found the ability to do them myself.

Through acting, starting, and pushing forward against the tide, I found great self believe and motivation within myself that no one else could ever give.

Concepts, tasks and projects we deemed impossible become something totally different once we start and go down the rabbit hole, we find wonderful surprises, we find abilities and gifts we never thought we had.

So just start, act, and go down that path. There will be roadblocks, confusing intersections that will leave you wondering which direction to take but with every milestone, you will find a burning fire and drive within you that you didn’t know you had.

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