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The Start Sets Precedent

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I often struggle to have a great productive day if my start to the day is off. Whether it’s due to not following my daily routine, fatigue, mood, or crisis a bad start usually spills into the rest of the day.

How we start things is very important and not just on the day but the year. Starting this year off-beat could set precedent for the rest of the year.

Recently, Liverpool has blamed their bad performances this season on bad starts in games. Whenever they have a bad first half, they most likely to lose or draw.

And even when we look at facts and science. A paper titled Dynamical effects of sprint start on different starting blocks which looked at 100m sprint runners found that “A good start mode can
assist athletes to gain faster time whereas a bad start may have opposite effects”.

Work on your morning routine, how you start this year, projects and every venture you get into

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