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The Ripple Effects of Anarchy

Thanks to social media and news, acts of chaos and anarchy spread much quicker than would’ve during other times.

What seemed to have started as an act to free someones quickly turned into controllable acts of anarchy.

But this didn’t just start in the past couple of days, such situations bubble over time.

When you live in the most equal country in the world, where that wealth is owned by minorities, a corrupt and out-of-touch government plus a huge sprinkle of lockdowns you get an explosion of reaction.

Whether is because people are hungry, isn’t really the case. Yes, some people are acting out of hunger, other out of frustrations from having their leader arrested, the lockdown, etc…

But the one that is a constant is that people don’t care, they don’t care if the country burns, if others lose their jobs because they already in that situation.

When you have a 70% of the youth unemployed hearing about how much keeps getting stolen, goes missing, told to stay home what they can and can’t do or have, you get anarchy.

Unless the country sees a major 180 turn in how things are done, we won’t see the end of it.

We need major vaccination programmes, infrastructure investment the size of Pre-2010, arrests and accountability in corruption and full removal of the lockdown restrictions or will be back here again soon.

There is no telling how bad things get when it returns because people tend to get bolder and more extreme over time with such acts.

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