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The Red Flags of Someone Using Default Settings

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You can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their default browser and overall device setup. In looking for programmers and engineers to join my teams, I’m interested in people who are somewhat like me but way smarter.

The similarities that I look for in a person are in their ability to find life hacks, the best products, and create the best user experience for others and themselves.

Personal Computers that use Microsoft Windows OS come with Microsoft Edge as the default browser, normal people won’t bother to change it but people who love going the extra mile, risk-takers and innovators, will usually download something like chrome. Something as small as that does still mean that you’re not scared to go ahead and challenge the status quo.

Someone who keeps default settings, who doesn’t bother to download a different launcher for their smartphone even though the default one is horrible, usually won’t be finding better mouse traps to help the organization move forward.

You basically want someone in your team who will find the best technologies and if they not available they will create one. These kind of programmers and engineers are the ones you want in you company.

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