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The Price of Privacy

They say no one wants to pay for anything on the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and even this blog can be viewed and used for free.

We have no problem with the use of the products for free until we know what the price is. WhatsApp has been getting backlash and people moving away from the app that once identified itself as a privacy app, is now collecting and sharing people’s data with Facebook.

Experts say that the company has been sharing this data with it’s parent company for years but only making the information public now. So when we finally find out that free isn’t free and we are the product that’s being sold we start to panic and say we want out.

Whether come February the 2 billion users of WhatsApp will leave the app remains to be seen, the app has created a dependency and addiction that just won’t be easily removed.

Does privacy matter that much in today’s world? Do we care what’s been taken, shared and sold as long we get to use this products for free?

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