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The Most Valuable Trivial Thing Known to Man

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Life is the most valuable thing we know, there’s no greater sin in our eyes like taking a life and an act more profound like giving one.

Yet, it’s also very trivial. Nothing really matters, your goals, experiences, fears etc… None of it matters once that very life comes to a stop.

Who you are and what you prioritize and define yourself with means nothing when you die, meaning life itself means zilch…

If you had six months to live and knew about it. You’d probably want to create some sort of bucket list and do all the things you never got around to doing.

The question is why? Why does it matter? you probably don’t take those experiences with you and if you got hit by a bus before even starting with the first item, once you are dead then it won’t matter whether you started or finished your bucket list.

This life thing is trivial, so don’t take it too seriously or even care much about it.

Just chill, and try to get through it as easily as possible and have a great weekend.

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