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The Lone Founder

Being a single founder of a start-up is looked at as risky and most likely to fail by most Venture Capitalists and investors. While two or more founder companies do great, some of the biggest companies today are single founder companies, Telsa, Amazon, Rivian, Facebook, etc…

As a single founder though what I have found to be the most draining thing is how lonely the journey is. With every milestone you hit, you hit it alone, there’s no one there to celebrate, take time out and get back in the game with. No one to feed off the energy needed to keep going from.

But the benefits also are that, if you’re hard on yourself as I am, then you don’t even see the milestone, there are no small achievements, just the constant drive of working alone towards the main goal. You self energize because the vision is yours and no one gets it better than you.

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