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The Incredible Benefits of Low Standards

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Getting work done, exercising, or writing daily blogs like this one with incredible consistency is one of the toughest tasks a human can find themselves in. So what are the solutions? Set low standards for yourself.

We always want to hit the ground running and put in 100% effort every day. Well, that’s not easy or sustainable. Setting high standards and failing to hit them will leave you feeling like a failure and it can just get overwhelming and thus leaving you paralyzed by the thought of not knowing where to begin.

By setting low standards, you ensure that you get in the work despite not hitting high numbers or ticking all the items off your to-do list. I want every one of these blog posts to be deep, profound, and very resourceful but I’m okay if only a handful are actual that, as long I keep writing and improve on that.

Want to learn how to code? Write a few lines every day, just create an app that will install and run on a device even if it’s a crappy blank screen, eventually, you’ll be able to create the awesome app, you want to.

But by setting strict output targets like wanting to design the Burj Khalifa after two days of learning architecture software, writing amazing chapters for your upcoming book, or losing 5kilos of weight every week, then you’re setting yourself up for failure, and unnecessary anxiety. Set the bar a bit low and focus on consistency.

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