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The Good, the Bad, And the Rest of Us

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Is it hard for us to understand the actions of others because we don’t understand our own?

Do we do good things because we simply just do it or do we train ourselves to be that way?

And if it’s something within us all along, then does this mean that we don’t fully know ourselves and understand why we do what we do?

If we don’t know or understand the source of our actions how can we then understand those of others?

Can we judge those who do bad things when they are just that, bad?

And on the other hand, if we do in fact get taught how to be good by our parents, society, and ourselves through self-training then can every else be taught the same?

Can the most “evil” of people be taught to be genuinely good or are they doomed to face a fiery eternity?

Can the whole of society be taught to be good and we can live a completely peaceful planet?

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