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The Dip

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The Dip is one of the biggest killers of progress, it comes in and hits you right when you’re at the end or about to take off.

But what’s the dip? The dip is the dropped in energy, momentum or belief that you can actually see the goal you set for your self through.

People who run the marathon face the dip in a form of what’s called “the wall”, this happens towards the end of the run and it is the point when a runner’s glycogen (stored energy) within the muscles is depleted. Trying to keep on running becomes something close to impossible.

People who start going to the gym also face the dip. Most people start but stop going after a few months, in most cases just as you’re about to find your rhythm and having everything falling into place.

Start-Ups and entrepreneurs also face the dip, Howard Love’s “The Start-Up J Curve” book also covers this in its own way. For start-ups, the dip comes when start to create the business, and release your MVP, and the feedback can be disheartening or the lack of traction can make you want to give up. You start questioning everything and you find yourself lacking energy and not motivated to continue.

Almost every goal faces a huge dip before it picks up and prospers, and we can’t runaway from it. Ours is to realize when we actually in the dip, acknowledge it and fight through it.

Once you realize which stage you’re in and that success and a flat long smooth road is ahead then you can easily push yourself through the dip and head towards success of the goal you set for yourself.


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