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Testing Your Limits

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Limit - Nhlanhla Mazibuko

During the later stages of the 2013/14 English Premier League season, Liverpool seemed as if they could finally break the 20-plus years curse of having not won the League Title.

One of the most famous games of that season was the Liverpool vs Chelsea game, where Steven Gerard slipped to give Demba Ba a clean break at goal.

While this is not an excuse and a case of pure bad luck, what is not said is that during that run-in, Steven Gerard had to play games while undergoing epidural injections.

Even through pain, he pushed himself to the limit and played through the pain.

Today, I had the most testing run probably in my life, soaking wet in the rain, I couldn’t feel my calves and quads and I kept going and pushing myself to my limit.

I had an option to quit and get a lift early on but I kept going because at this point in my life, trying is no longer good enough. I have to go and finish the race.

At the end of the run, the feeling of achievement and success is pure ecstasy, you carry that winner mentality with you.

No motivational speaker or podcast can give you the self-belief and can-do spirit-like knowledge of knowing that you pushed yourself to the limit and come out the outside in one piece.

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