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Taking Over Your App Control and Privacy

Having struggled to find the right weather app, with most of the apps on the Google Play Store not so good and riddled with ads an idea came to mind.

Why not create my own.

This also seemed to solve other problems that I have with my music apps, news, exercise, and more.

What if, I follow some tutorials, forums, and a couple of books in my spare time to code and create my apps.

Finding an app that’s ad-free and that you can trust with your privacy is not easy, so why not take matters into your own hands while learning as you do it?

I will update this post and create a page or something for my apps as I go along with time.

1 thought on “Taking Over Your App Control and Privacy”

  1. As awesome and complex it sounds,The design and architectural process should be a cross platform based,With OpenSource codes because the conceptualization strategy outcomes of the idea seem too versatile,More like Certain Tennants might share a same App/Dapp for variety of digital motives.

    Great Idea right there bro.

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