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Survivor Pride: Three Decades In

No one knows this but when I was a teenager, I don’t remember what age but I was young and I told myself two things…

“When you get to 25, have a net worth of 100k and by 30, be at a million. and have patents and be inventor”

At 25 I failed and now, lol well I won’t talk about my net worth but I was late to filed for my patents.

This is important to me because in 2014 when my life was turned upside down, I had a brutally honest talk with myself and asked myself what I want from life, what happiness is to me what does a young Nhlanhla want.

That’s when I remembered my two goals, of 25 and 30.

Today, I can be happy in knowing that, even though we may seem to have wasted our 20’s we still got to where we wanted to be and we still going.

I lost friends and for past five months I’ve been acting out and self sabotaging myself because of survivors guilt but now I don’t hate myself for making it and just love myself for it.

God is good, Sifiso Makhathini, ngiyakthandi bhuti, ulale ngoxolo and I thank the Lord for this life and my good health. Jesus is Everything 🙏🏿

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