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Storytelling is What Separates Humans From the Rest

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Storytelling is one great human trait, our ability is to craft and tell stories is one of the main things that separate us from other species and bring us together as one.

Humans have been telling stories for as far back as the beginning of time.

The story about Jesus is known as the greatest of all time, and even He would draw crowds of people through his stories and parables. His ability to tell stories is how he built a connection with people.

Our ancestors used to sit around the fire and tell mythical stories and some about their ancestors. This gave an entire tribe and ethnic group of people identity and a sense of belonging, it brought everyone together.

These stories still get passed from generation to generation and we find identity, a sense of belonging, and a piece of our yourselves in them.

Stories allow us to connect with others, to share our lives, our journey, and who we are. We gravitate towards people and even products whose stories we can relate to.

Movies, books, and TV shows love the story of the underdog who wins in the end despite having all odds against them because we resonate with that story. We all feel lost and miss understood, we feel like the underdog who just wants their story to be understood and finally heard.

Knowing the story of your life usually comes with the peace of knowing what life may all be about.

We all have a good story to tell, we just need to know what it is and learn how to tell it.

Thank you for reading, here’s a highlight of my story and I’m still more pages to it.

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