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It All Depends On Where You End Your Story

The story we tell ourselves and others is very important. How we define ourselves and the events in our lives have a great influence on how we live life.

Bad things happen to everyone, we all go through the pits, no one is exempt. We all have bad days, weeks, month or an insanely horrible run.

When things don’t go our way or seem to be going against us and you let that define you and your story, then just stop it there, and call it quits.

But, here’s a better alternative. Your let your story run a little longer, you stay to see your failure, pain and hardships through.

We expect our lives to be a series of wins, constant happiness, and all-round good things but it’s not. There’s a saying that a happy ending depends on where you end your story.

Life is a series of ups and downs. Small losses are often followed by big wins, don’t let the losses define your life, but the ability to keep going and appreciating life for what it is…

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