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Stay Away From Bestsellers

Not to sound like a pretend contrarian but bestsellers are not the way to go when trying to find the best books to read. Personally, I’ve read a fair number of books over the past five years and probably 20% of those were bestsellers.

I have nothing against bestsellers and most of them are actually decent books. The problem is that a book speaks different things to different people. Just because a book is a bestseller that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good book or will be helpful to you.

Generally, I find books from recommendations from people who have a similar philosophy to mine. Books aren’t a one size fits all.

Take “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson, I found it from a YouTube Channel that reviews books, everyone has their own source. Yet spoke different things to different people and some didn’t straight up like, they just read it because it appeared on their timeline.

Find a group of people who resonate with your philosophy and have the taste as you and start from there and aggregate recommendations from them. Some of the best books and blogs are not as popular as you may think.

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