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Soulmate That Really Matters

Spoiler alert, it’s your co-founder. Last Year I wrote about “The Partnership We Always Get Wrong” in whatever venture you pursue.

What I didn’t mention is how finding this partner comes as a better life story than anything you can imagine.

See with your spouse, it’s best to try to find someone you’re compatible with but with a co-founder, you need to wait for your soulmate to find you.

And sometimes this person is someone who’s already in your life like HP founder’s Bill Hewlett & Dave Packard.

One of the best co-founders and fathers of what we know as silicon valley, they always had each other’s back and didn’t hesitate to step up and runs things when the other one was around to do so.

Much like the two Steve’s who founded Apple, polar opposites who worked well too, one was the creative and the other the tech guy.

While they might be portrayed as people who used to clash heads more often than not, they actually got along and never fought or had an argument according to Steve Wozniak (can you say that about your spouse? 👀).

In short, a spouse is someone you look for, a co-founder is someone who finds you.

That partnership can be forced or forged, it happens on its own.

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