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Robots Are Coming For Us

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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are some of the biggest talk in technology, economics and business with regards to their impact in industry in the coming years. The question though really is what does this means for the individual.

Well, the biggest common mistake is thinking that every job is on the chopping block and we will all be replaced by robots. The truth is that for the near future jobs it’s mostly jobs that require specialization in a narrow range of routinized activities that will be automated but jobs that are done by humans that require less routine and use a wide range of skills and dealing with unforeseen scenarios are safe.

According to the World Economic Forum jobs such as Data Entry Clerks, Accountants & Auditors, Administrative & Executive Secretaries, Assembly & Factory Workers, and General & Operations Managers are some of the Top 10 declining jobs while there’s a huge demand for Data Analysts & Scientists, AI & Machine Learning Learning Specialists, Sales & Marketing Professionals, etc…

In today’s world having a four university degree is not enough, you need to know how to build and sell. This is why coders and engineers and sales professionals are some of the most in-demand jobs. The best way to survive is by adding a skill such as coding and sales on top of your degree, this will give you an obvious edge against other employees and the robots.

I recommend the book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari for more on this topic which I also used as a source.

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