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Restructuring Goals For The Second Part of a Brutal Year

A wise man said on TV that “amaPlan awonke umuntu ashabalele this year”. And yes, for the most part, he’s absolutely right, the global pandemic affected everyone and forced individuals and organizations to restructure their plans and goals for the year.

While some countries are still in the thick of it, with the first wave picking up steam like us in South Africa. It’s about to get worse but at least now we have an idea of what we dealing with.

Today marks the start of the second half of the year and a perfect way to move forward with the rest of the year is to go through our New Years’ goals. It’s time to rewrite and restructure them, to tailor-make them to not only survive but fight back to has been a weird year, if I had to put it lightly.

This year is far from over, it’s still halftime and there’s still some skin in the game.

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