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Quick Hack Recommendations (001)

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Want to start a new post series about sharing hacks, great books, podcasts and other tricks I find and learn. I usually talk about books or reference a podcast while breaking down a topic with a certain topic but I come across so much great information that I would really love to share with everyone.

Today I want to share a great podcast I recently listened to. Released in March 2018, I can’t believe I only listened to it a few weeks back. Joe Gebbia, mostly known as the co-founder of AirBnB, epitomizes the art of storytelling. From a high school prank to seeing Michael Jordan naked, his life has been full of adventure and the podcast just flies by

The Tim Ferriss Show – #301: Joe Gebbia – Co-Founder of Airbnb

The second recommendation is the newly released book of Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey. The book titled Greenlights is a great book with stories from his life that will make you laugh and think. It also has a lot of gems for people who embrace a stoic way of living.

Matthew McConaughey – Greenlights

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