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Poverty Traps

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“Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life.” Nelson Mandela

That qoute from uTata uNelson Mandela, is nothing but the truth.

Overcoming poverty is an act of justice, yet we see it getting worse every year in our country.

More and more people fall under the poverty line and mass unemployment is on the rise.

And South Africa isn’t the only country with this problem, the whole continent is suffering from poverty.

And the injustice is not a philosophical one when poor countries are meant to pay taxes to rich countries that invaded them.

In other parts of the world, the invaders pay reparations but this continent and its people must pay for their suffering and for things they never asked for.

Africa is riddled with poverty traps that deny it from growing out of poverty.

Circles of colonization injustice, government corruption, and the cost that comes with lifting yourself up(school fees and more…) keeps the continent in deep poverty.

The world as it is today isn’t designed to end poverty but to make sure that those who are under the poverty line stay there.

“instead of inflicting these horrible punishments, it would be far more to the point to provide everyone with some means of livelihood, so that nobody’s under the frightful necessity of becoming first a thief, and then a corpse.” Thomas More

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