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Paving the Way

Today I bought a 23793 detailed page report on the BMW i3 EV. The price is $10 but it costs millions of dollars to do that analysis.

The great man responsible for that is Sandy Munro from Munro & Associates.

According to him, this Cost Analysis report is made available to show people and potential clients what a full Munro & Associates report looks like but more importantly to help the next Elon Musk/young EV start-up entrepreneur to see and know what goes into building an EV.

Mr. Munro took years of hard detailed work worth millions and shared it for just it for pennies in an effort to help those coming after him.

I loved this and choose to support it because it’s great and also something that has been on my mind.

It’s important to make sure that those that come after us get where they need to go in life quicker, they don’t struggle as we did and, we hand them every tool they need and help them reach their goals must faster.

I spend years researching web development, studying HTML & CSS, testing our different CMS’es, looking into mobile application frameworks, etc…

As I’m slowing making my way out web and app development, my aim is to teach at least two people most of what I know by the end of the year. Give them the knowledge that took me years to develop in just a few months.

We have to pave the way for others, lift them up, and make it easier for them to run on the same path we had to carve out and crawl through.

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