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Our Winning Streak Is All We Have

Public companies are analyzed and rated on a quarterly basis, those with a good winning streak(often through beating consensus estimates) get their stock price juiced up. Axelrod in Billions said “the only currency investment firms have is their winning(quartely) streak, the Kevlar of “Knowing the answer”, you break that, you break the whole thing”.

In simpler terms, a winning streak is consistency in your output. Messi and Ronaldo are the top 2 footballers of the past decade simply because of their consistent output in that period.

LeBron James hasn’t been winning rings every other season but he’s personal consistency and output can’t be questioned and that his sauce. In his 10 finals, overall he has 3 Championships. There are a lot of other players with more championship wins but hardly have had the run he’s had playing at the highest level of the game.

When some of the best English Premier League teams get mentioned, there some United teams in the fold but no one can leave out the Arsenal Invisibles, a team that went an entire season unbeaten and received the only gold trophy. Manchester City forced its way into the GOAT team talk by breaking records in the 2017/18 season including their 18 successive league wins.

Warren may not be a super stock picker that has always chosen the biggest companies today such as Amazon and Tesla but in his choices, he has been consistent which has yielded a decade’s long winning streak.

You don’t need to focus on being number 1, beating everyone else, or winning big just once. Your true value and sauce is showing consistency in your strategy, showing the world you can do it again and again. The 90’s Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls team is respected because they won the championship back to back three times.

Sequoia Capital is not ranked one of the best Venture Capital firms in the world because it got lucky once with Apple Inc but their portfolio also includes Airbnb, Electronic Arts, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Paypal, Nvidia, WhatsApp, Yahoo!, YouYube and many others.

That’s a winning streak that builds a lasting reputation.

Being able to be consistent in writing this blog has given me the momentum and state of mind of building a rhythm of daily output.

Start small and build momentum and the knowledge of how to win will follow.

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