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Nothing But Time

Time is linked with everything in the known universe.
We understand it to a certain degree but have little to no control over it.
Tasks, projects, travels, gravity, and space are all linked and dependent on time and you might think that with it being linked to everything we would be great at managing it but we are not.
We struggle to finish tasks and projects in time.
You can plan and lay out everything you want and how but the when is always the issue.
Many try but fail, projects hardly finish on time and many experts have tried for a very long time to crack the code but failed.
Learning to properly manage your time is something close to having superpowers.
(Other Crazy Thoughts About Time:
It’s amazing just how much time travel has caused debates about the time paradoxes that came with time travel. Movies and Books try to tap into it but they never really crack it, time is a simple concept yet the most ambiguous one.)

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