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Not Impressed

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We always set goals for ourselves and create scenarios in our heads with the thought that “If I reach this goal this or have such and such that will be an amazing feeling” but you know what? Everything is meh…

I’m not impressed by anything, yes this year I have been going for the great things and they slowly coming to fruition but with every stage I hit, my excitement lasts a couple of minutes and I get hungry to achieve more. I’m never really impressed by any of it.

You’d think that being part of the biggest open-source vehicle development partnership in the world would have a long-lasting feeling but it’s not or working with the biggest contract manufacturer in the world and having partners in three continents but okay so what?

Going into this year I knew that I had to dial myself down before going for big projects and I have done that and I’ve it well, I’m not impressed by anything, I don’t see myself bigger than anyone or others bigger or smaller than me.

Everything is level and unimpressive. I’m just not impressed…

Be kind, be loving and have a great weekend. Love you all.

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