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No, You’re Not Lazy

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We might sometimes find ourselves in positions where we question if whether something is wrong with us and why we are so lazy.

One of our many flaws as humans is that we love to compare ourselves with others. We see might see or read about someone who works 120 hour work weeks and wonder why can’t we be as motivated and driven.

The answer is to that is simple, finding the right project. We become highly productive and motivated to work when working on the right projects.

Elon Musk is able to work 120 hours a week because the project means everything to him, it’s more than just building a profitable company but creating a self-sufficient planet and saving the human race from self-destruction is a deep-rooted personal mission to him.

With us, the problem is that sometimes with work the projects we are given aren’t that meaningful to us. Yes, your job might not be your destiny or connected to your personal mission but you’d be surprised how motivated a team of engineers gets when they are given the freedom to create something new without restrictions or company bureaucracies.

Or as an entrepreneur your start-up doesn’t address something that means something to you and your personal mission and beliefs.

Earning and the fear of losing that might get you up every morning but working on the right project can re-energize you and keep you going for a very long time.

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