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No, You Can’t Do It All.

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We lie to ourselves thinking we can do it all. We think we can fit everything and everyone into the finite time we have.

We think we can have time for friends, family, a high social life, and still work 90-hour workweeks.

We expect to remain happy and at peace but consciously put ourselves in situations that undermine that.

We have finite time and finite abilities. To achieve somethings we need to let go of others.

Realizing how much MMC and writing meant to me, I made the decision to remove things that might interfere or hinder with my consistency and doing what I set out to do. So I made certain sacrifices like being off alcohol, which has allowed me to be able to write this post on a Friday evening.

It’s not easy letting go of things that have become the norm to us but we really can’t do it all and need to choose which ones matter the most to us.

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