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Maxwell’s Demon, Statements & Commission-free Crypto Trading API’s

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When this blog was started, it was always meant to be me reflecting back on daily lessons and thoughts.

It’s been great for the most part but not as much of a journal I wanted it to be.

I want it to stay part philosophical but I also want to share new lessons and resources I pick up during the course of the day and share them with others.

And that starts today.

Firstly, It’s Maxwell’s Demon.

I’ve always respected James Clark Maxwell for his work in the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation and put him in the top 3 best people in science(don’t ask who the other two are) but coming across his Demon thought experiment was truly something else.

Maxwell’s Demon is a thought experiment where a demon controls a small massless door between two chambers of gas. As individual gas molecules (or atoms) approach the door, the demon quickly opens and closes the door to allow only fast-moving molecules to pass through in one direction, and only slow-moving molecules to pass through in the other. Read More Here

Schematic figure of Maxwell’s demon thought experiment. Source: Wikipedia

While this thought experiment ultimately violates the second law of thermodynamics, it was exciting learning about his other work.

Easy Accounting

Invoicing, creating consumer statements and quotations can be hard and challenging tasks to manage. Having to do statements for the year before sending out the first invoices of 2022, at Flex Urban we found Wave Apps as an easy tool to use for all that.

You can link your consumers to invoices and payments made with ease. This is a great tool for start-ups.

Commission-free Crypto Trading API

The great thing about the internet is that you never know what you might learn or come across on any given day.

And today I learned about a website called, Alpaca. Alpaca allows you to:

  • Make commission-free trading for cryptos, stocks & ETF’s.
  • Get real-time market data.
  • Support for a Business Account – Great when starting a professional trading firm.

Alpaca is a great site and platform with loads of potential to be big. Looking forward to seeing how other developers use it.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any other companies listed above or get any commission, reward, or any form of payment from them. They are just great finds I’m sharing for free without their knowledge.

Sources: Wikipedia, Wave Apps & Alpaca

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