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Living in Two States of Suffering

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When the present is too much to bear we then focus our energy and set our vision on the future, carefully fine tune our lenses to how it will be once we get there.

But when the noise and realities of the present increase in contrast and volume, the future becomes blurry and it becomes hard to imagine a painless future where we don’t carry the same realities of the present into that state, so we move to the past.

Here we try to search for good memories and times when things were easier and simpler but in most cases, we remember good memories when the present is as well, and hard to see anything but good when the present isn’t.

So now we constantly traveling back and forth between two states of suffering that are living in both the past and the future while we try to numb the realities of the present.

An honest man’s pillow is his peace of mind, and no matter who’s in our bed each night we sleep with ourselves.

M. McConaughey

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