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Learning to Love to Learn

A quote from evolutionary angel investor Naval Ravikant, “If you can learn to love to read, you’ll never have to go to school”.

When I first heard Naval speak those words it was like he had read my mind. Some years back I looked at where I was and where I wanted to be. There were a lot of obstacles but one thing was clear, I would have to learn topics I knew nothing about and expand my knowledge in order to get there.

With this, I started building up a skill of loving to read and learning new things. As time went by I picked up and read a lot of books that came my way until I could fine-tune myself into topics that interested me.

Years later of building up the skill to learn, I know things like HTML & CSS, coding languages like JavaScript & C, have an Android App on the PlayStore, and have vast insight on battery electric vehicles.

My work that I earn a living from today has nothing to do with what I was thought in school but books and tutorials that I picked up and learned myself.

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