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Learn, Let Go and Focus On The Winner

Focus on the Winner

“Learn and adapt. Amazon’s second largest business was decimated when Apple digitized the music industry. CD sales had been important to Amazon, but they were dwarfed by book sales. Jeff took the lessons from iPod/iTunes and applied them to Kindle.”

That’s a tweet taken from a thread by former Amazon employee Dan Rose who worked on the first Kindle.

The overall thread is amazing but for now, I want to focus on that tweet. Yesterday we posted a job opening at Flex Urban during a time when companies are laying off people. A business that I never took seriously is now our main services.

Eight months ago Flex Urban’s main business was not Web Services but an online market for local streetwear brands. A dream I had chased for close to 3 years without any luck.

In January I decided to scrap the online market and focus on the business that was growing and showing potential, Flex Urban Web Services.

I had learned to build websites because of the frustration I got from not finding someone to create what I wanted for the online market. I started using my new skills to help others and a new business was born by total accident.

Now we host and develop websites along with building Android mobile apps. Sometimes you gotta let go of something that’s not working on focus on one that is.

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