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Justifying Madness Is Actually Easy.

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Thinking that you can change the world and solve a problem that is one of the top 10 problems facing humanity you have to be a little crazy.

But that madness in the thinking and belief is actually easily justifiable.

And one of those problems is the water crisis we are facing as humans.

Our relationship with water is horrible, we misuse and mistreat it and the usage and privilege of who and how we use it is really skewed.

So thinking that you can solve the world’s water problem is crazy right?

Matt Damon said “How lucky are we that we get to solve this? In a hundred years people are gonna wish they could solve a problem this big.”

It’s a big challenge but an exciting one that comes once in a generation and that excitement justifies the bravery and insanity of going after that problem.

We get productive and driven when we work on projects that excite us and this problem is definitely one of those.

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